Student Groups

Serranía del Perijá

As one of the least biologically explored regions of the northern Andes, Perija is an excellent place for groups of students to visit and for researchers to work in, offering a range of ecosystems to investigate as well as exceptional biodiversity and endemism.  

The forests found here include areas of very rare Tropical Dry Forest found at altitudes of between 1 and 1100 meters.  These forests are becoming increasingly recognised as being important to study and understand in light of global warming given the unique species found here have adaptations to heat and drought which could hold important information for the future.  Other ecosystems include subtropical humid forest, very humid low montane forest, very humid montane forest and montane rain forest (cloud forest) all within a close distance making it the perfect place to study a range of forest ecosystems.  

The communities of Estados Unidos and La Victoria, also provide very important lessons for students wishing to better understand Colombia’s recent history.   As some of the worst impacted communities by the violence of Colombia’s civil war the testimonies of individuals and the stories of our communities are of huge importance to understand the impact of the conflict as well as showing the strength and resilience of our people to overcome adversity.

We can offer student groups and researchers not only lodging, food and logistics, but our local community guides can help with guidance.